I liked AoU (more than a lot of people, apparently), but it’s funny how quickly people seem to be pivoting to the idea that enough is going to be enough relatively soon. It seems like it was only six months ago when I was arguing with people that this universe wouldn’t survive recasting an Avenger (I think we were… » 5/05/15 11:35am Today 11:35am

Boba Fett is such a meaningless character. He was only ever cool because the Mandalorian armor was cool. But then came Attack of the Clones, and we get Jango in the armor doing stuff that is cooler than most anything Boba ever did—before being killed by Mace like he was nothing. Then, The Clone Wars gave the audience… » 5/05/15 8:12am Today 8:12am

He was in one episode. Don’t get too excited. He reprised his Trickster role. Also, don’t go into it expecting it to live up to that previous post. It’s still a UPN-type show. It’s entertaining, for the most part, but all of the characters are kind of dumb and a lot times (almost every week) the writers end up acting… » 5/04/15 12:22pm Yesterday 12:22pm

I’ve been back and forth on this, but I don’t think I like the Chrometrooper armor. Maybe there will be a few shots that use the reflective properties to great visual effect, but in the images I have seen of it...nah, I don’t think I like it. » 5/04/15 11:28am Yesterday 11:28am

I actually liked this one better than the first one, which I think people give way more credit than it deserves for just not being terrible. This one is far from perfect, and they’re really do seem to be getting to the point where a good old fashioned return to the standalone origin formula could be a nice palette… » 5/04/15 1:33pm Yesterday 1:33pm

Count me among those who, in the immediate aftermath, disagrees with the sentiment that AoU is not superior to the first Avengers in just about every way. I mean, it’s still pretty far from a perfect movie and there are a few plot lines I could have done without entirely, but I found it a much more enjoyable movie.… » 5/04/15 4:32am Yesterday 4:32am

If nothing else, this Harley Q. image really throws a wrench in the works for people desperately wanting to believe the Joker image was not representative of the guy in the movie. This definitely feels like that dude’s Harley Quinn. » 5/03/15 4:56pm Sunday 4:56pm

He never made sense for this. Personally, I don’t like JJ for the first one, but at least you could argue that he makes sense. Trank’s experience kind of lines up with Lucas’s experience when he made the first one—without the ownership on the idea. Handing this property to Trank makes no sense. » 5/02/15 9:36am Saturday 9:36am

I see it at 4:45 this afternoon and am keeping an open mind. But I have to say that the sentiment I keep seeing coming out of this is that it is not as good or complete a movie as the first Avengers. I find that sentiment a bit discouraging, seeing as I consider the first Avengers to largely be a movie of great… » 5/01/15 9:01am Friday 9:01am

Yeah, this suit is pretty...pretty good. I still want to see it move. I liked the very little bit of movement that’s in the trailer, but obviously if he’s able to plausibly fight in the thing, it will automatically be the most functional Batman suit since at least Adam West. » 5/01/15 6:08am Friday 6:08am

On the contrary, I suspect the loss of his planet and all of its people and infrastructure—after he had tried to save it (by force) probably affected his psyche. Add in the dynamic that his friend (Jor El) betrayed their people and stole any potential future from them—and then having to kill that friend and be… » 4/30/15 4:36pm Thursday 4:36pm

I think the implication may be that you’re intending to say “precedents” instead of “precedence.” I could convince myself that you’re meaning to say precedence, but I am pretty sure that’s what the other comment is meant to say. At least, that’s what I take from the “nonbinding” statement. » 4/30/15 2:53pm Thursday 2:53pm