What we know for (almost) certain is that Quill's movie father will probably be introduced in the sequel. We know that Yondu thinks he's a jackass. We also know that "Star Lord" was a name given to Quill by his mother who likened his father to an angel. We also know he has some kind of "ancient" DNA. » 3/02/15 12:01pm Today 12:01pm

I think there's a logical fallacy here that's kind of central to artistic creation, one that a lot of artists have trouble accepting. Once it's out there, it no longer belongs to the artist. I don't mean that literally (i.e., I don't mean it is no longer the legitimate/trademarked property of the artist). I mean that… » 3/02/15 8:32am Today 8:32am

Every single time that song plays at a sporting event, and the crowd gets into it, I want to run away screaming. I can take it when they don't understand that they shouldn't so the Tomahawk Chop or the wave. But making the Hey! noise when the guy who's been a known child rapist for the last two decades or more tells… » 2/28/15 10:02am Saturday 10:02am

Consider the Walker grades up top. An A- for style. A C+ for substance. Even if you agree that style should be graded with a great deal more weight than substance, there's no legitimate way for the "Overall" grade to be greater than the sum of its parts. He gives Walker an A, which is better than the high style grade,… » 2/28/15 9:10am Saturday 9:10am

It's a trick of lighting and of a shitty camera phone. The blown out yellow-whites in the background are asserting themselves on the dress, which is in the shadow of the dominant light source of the image. Consequently, the color of the background is showing up in the shadows. The camera phone is trying to reconcile… » 2/26/15 9:49pm Thursday 9:49pm

I feel pretty confident that the blue and black crowd are scamming everybody. Putting hue/local color aside, black is obviously much darker than those brownish goldish stripes. Even if they had some sort of goofy colorblindness, they'd read it as gray, not black. » 2/26/15 9:13pm Thursday 9:13pm

9) Spider-Man

I'm sorry to long-time Avengers fans still irked that Marvel shoehorned their most popular character onto their most popular group in 2005, but he should have always been on the team. He's a natural fit, both in the comics universe and reality.

» 2/26/15 1:20pm Thursday 1:20pm