The most obvious answer for a major female character is probably Pepper. She's been in every one of the Iron Man movies and this one spends what you would imagine is a lot of time at Stark/Avengers Tower. I would not expect Betty or Jane to show up. Sharon would be more likely, but even as I do anticipate her possibly… » 7/29/14 6:30am Today 6:30am

I once watched the troop of Japanese macaques in Central Park Zoo nearly tear a 30 or 40 lb goose limb from limb because it was threatening the smallest monkey in the group. All animals made it out of the scene more or less unscathed. Feathers were everywhere. 2006 was an especially hot summer and literally everybody… » 7/28/14 4:01pm Yesterday 4:01pm

I hope BvS being pushed all the way to 2016 will end up being a good thing—allowing them to get all of the right parts in the right place and moving the way they need to to get the larger project off the ground. But the fact that we've been talking about this movies exactly as long as we have been talking about Age of… » 7/28/14 12:28pm Yesterday 12:28pm

Hard to believe, but you picked the one game maybe all season where the Atlanta sports fan's typical excuses for apathy are mostly all legitimate. A Monday afternoon game closing out a 4-game series with the Padres. If only it were happening next week, we could also use the "kids have school" defense. » 7/28/14 3:02pm Yesterday 3:02pm

The baseline is whatever the runner establishes as the baseline—and then he has the ability to waver from that about 3 feet in either direction. This seems like a legitimately good bit of evasiveness combined with an inept attempt by a catcher who was probably out of breath for having to get all the way over there. » 7/28/14 11:36am Yesterday 11:36am

Some kind of means for art making I guess, though that would usually require more than one item even in its most simplest forms (e.g., pencil and paper are 2 items—and I'd like to have more than 1 pencil and 1 piece of paper). I though maybe a Wacom tablet, but even, you need something else. » 7/28/14 7:28am Yesterday 7:28am