I find the whole situation mildly funny—almost certainly a great deal funnier than I would have found any aspect of the movie itself. It's high time Sony paid for unleashing James Franco onto the world in the first Spider-Man trilogy, and there's a wonderful poetry in him playing such a prominent role in the company's… » 12/18/14 2:19pm Today 2:19pm

I think the last season of Torchwood killed any desire I may have had to see that character again. That said, I could see the dynamic between he and Capaldi to be an interesting one. Still, I think I'd rather see something like the return of Romana or even Donna Noble—as both characters kind of got the short end of… » 12/18/14 6:14am Today 6:14am

I like the "it's actually one of the things I love about the Church" line prefacing the idea that nobody is beyond salvation. I think you'll find that's one of the things most people with compulsions to do horrible things find they love about the church, actually. » 12/18/14 8:53am Today 8:53am

It's interesting how much more engaging these types of inventive character/creature studies are than the times where he's trying to compose a full image (i.e., the Cap image at top and the Asgardian landscape below). These are definitely more in his wheelhouse/comfort zone. By comparison, those almost feel like fan… » 12/18/14 5:35am Today 5:35am

My wife and I have three kids—the second one she saw a midwife during the pregnancy but delivered with an OB (it was the day after Thanksgiving in a pretty small hospital). The third, she saw a midwife all the way through and had two midwives (because there was a shift change) at the labor and delivery. » 12/17/14 9:54am Yesterday 9:54am

I can't help but feel that the content may have felt rushed if it were only one movie. I could see two movies, neither of which are over 2-2.5 hours working. But I haven't read the Hobbit since I was a kid and maybe I am treating some of the content in the movies that isn't in the book as though it is. » 12/17/14 8:15am Yesterday 8:15am

Those Man of Steel rumors don't ring as true to me. While I think it would be ridiculous if the end of Man of Steel (both in terms of the destructive battle and the Zod death) did not play a role in how Superman acted going forward, I can't imagine that Superman will be glib about breaking necks. » 12/17/14 6:12am Yesterday 6:12am

Owners gave Blank only one condition for this extension: he would have to keep Mike Smith and Thomas Dimitroff in their current positions through 2020. "A fair trade," remarked every single owner on the Falcons schedule for the next several years. » 12/17/14 8:17am Yesterday 8:17am

There's a difference between saying the movies have a veneer of stylistic or genre individuality and saying they are not formulaic. If we are honest, Marvel movies are incredibly formulaic. First, you have the origin formula—which even GotG follows, but they're at least conscious of this and are (in my opinion,… » 12/17/14 3:12am Yesterday 3:12am

The first one. I mean, I'm sure a number of them have rationalized the damage as an ends justifying the means type of thing, but you have to imagine this is not a result any of them considered. I'd almost bet that the people in charge of organizing the stunt instructed the participants to be careful not to damage… » 12/16/14 10:08am Tuesday 10:08am